Service Oil Group has developed and implemented its author’s technology.

Despite essential progress in the technology of oil and gas development, remains an actual problem of various deposit accumulations on wells walls, consisting mainly of components of produced substances.
In course of time, such accumulations can lead to partial or complete tubing blockage.
One of the most common types of deposits are asphaltene coating, to control which uses a variety of traditional cleaning methods.
The most common of traditional methods is the scraper method, flushing with hydrocarbon solvents and method of heat transfer systems flushing. Unfortunately, mentioned methods are either very expensive or insufficiently effective.


Cleaning cost

Cleaning rate

Reverse force

The cost of our cleaning service in five times cheaper than traditional methods.
Cleaning rate varies from one to 20 meters per minute.
Absence of adverse chemical and mechanical effects on the entire infrastructure of the well. This prevents wear and tear of tubing.
The ability to use a standard unified geophysical equipment, thus avoiding additional costs.
Age of deposit accumulations, their thickness and the depth do not affect the cleaning progress, only the time of cleaning.
The possibility of applying the method in the wells with tubing of wide diameter variety; possibility to construct modifications of devices fitting to a specific tubing size.
Explosion- and fire-safe, friendly to environment technology.