Метод SOG

Service Oil Group

Service Oil Group has developed, patented and implemented an innovative technology for cleaning of oil and gas wells tubing.

The electronic heating device TOS-7 which affects the asphaltene coating based on the dot-planar heating approach – is a registered intellectual property of Service Oil Group and protected by a patent for utility model #98898.

Exclusive method of Service Oil Group allows cleaning all types of wells: fountains, pumps and compressors. The patented technology attracts the attention of mining companies.

Do not forget about the main advantages of the technology:

  • The cost of our cleaning service in five times cheaper than traditional methods
  • The ability to use a standard unified geophysical equipment, thus avoiding additional costs
  • Cleaning rate varies from one to 20 meters per minute
  • Age of deposit accumulations, their thickness and the depth do not affect the cleaning progress, only the time of cleaning
  • Absence of adverse chemical and mechanical effects on the entire infrastructure of the well. This prevents wear and tear of tubing
  • The possibility of applying the method in the wells with tubing of wide diameter variety; possibility to construct modifications of devices fitting to a specific tubing size
  • Explosion- and fire-safe, friendly to environment technology


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