Метод SOG

The method of cleaning offered by Service Oil Group.

The proposed oil and gas wells tubing cleaning is being performed using electronic heating device TOS-7 which affects the asphaltene coating based on the dot-planar heating approach.

The device TOS-7 with lubricator is being submerged in the tubing at a carrying, conductive cable to a depth of asphaltene coating.

The device starts heating by the voltage influence.

TOS-7 triggers rapid melting of asphaltene coating and deposits removal using the existing pressure in the tubing bore.

Age of deposit accumulations, their thickness and the depth do not affect the cleaning progress, only the time of cleaning.

All works are carried out under the supervision and guidance of highly skilled professionals, strict compliance with the requirements of technological regulations, safety and environmental regulations.

Complex of technical means.

  • Lubricator (two-cell device to protect wells from depressurization)
  • Logging lift, equipped with a cable drum, the current collector, and electronic gear meter cable
  • Mobile crane with lifting capacity up to 5t
  • Mobile power
  • Fountain shut-off valves
  • Logging weighting
Feature / Method Scrapping Coiled tubing Air Acid Dot-planar heating
Depth limit of asphaltene coating, m (from the mouth) None None 50 None None
The negative impact on the tubing surface Damage None Reduced strength of the metal and as a consequence – well damage Corroded wells walls and as a consequence – well damage None
The need for transportation and the use of special equipment to clean Need to transport and install scrapers Need to transport large steam units Need to transport and charge air units Need to transport chemicals Use of a standard geophysical equipment
Cleaning effect (within the depth limit of asphaltene coating) Partial remains of deposits 100% Partial remains of deposits 100% 100%